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13 October 2011

Latin America: Excellent long term market growth potential for drug companies

Latin America continues to be a region of promising opportunities for the pharmaceutical sector. Trade is booming, the population is growing and democracy is improving political stability. However, social inequality, weak patent enforcement, cost containment and a political drift to the left all threaten the long term prospects for the pharmaceutical industry.

01 November 2010

Pharmaceutical market grows slows due to major patent expiries

After a decade of solid growth of over 9% per annum, 2009 saw growth  drip to 4.6% due to patent expiries of major blockbusters and an increasing emphasis on cost containment in the US and European healthcare systems.

03 March 2010

Few companies have clearly developed strategies to compete in the biosimilars market

Many factors underlie decisions to enter the nascent biosimilars market

02 February 2010

Biosimilars should capture significant share of Biologicals market in Europe

Although currently poorly developed, the biosimilars market segment but is widely expected to become a significant commercial segment over the next few years, capturing a healthy percentage share of the biologicals market, says Dr Peter Norman.

10 July 2009

Consolidation and online pharmacy are the key trends in the medicines distribution in the United States

The US pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmacy sector has witnessed a rapid wave of consolidation to reach its current concentrated form meaning that 80% of all drugs sold are handled by three just companies. There has been terrific growth in online pharmacy driven by consumer demand for cheaper products notes a report from URCH Publishing.

16 April 2009

Which pharmaceutical companies are likely to be involved in mega-M&A?

Mergers & Aquisitions in the Pharmaceuticals Sector 2009

A wave of major M&A deals has reshaped the pharmaceutical industry and may continue as other companies challenge Pfizer’s current dominance

09 November 2008

URCH Publishing provides a review of the global pharmaceutical market in 2008

US growth falls behind Europe as patent expiries bite
28 September 2008

New Drug Regulations in China Should Improve Drug Safety and Help Curb Corruption

2007 Drug Registration Procedure will also support Pharma R&D
10 February 2008

Wholesalers Threatened as Big Pharma Adopts Direct-to-Pharmacy Drug Distribution Model

The traditional model of pharmaceutical distribution is under threat in Europe, and the UK is seeing the first of the changes, finds new research
12 January 2008

Small molecule pharmaceuticals dominate pharmaceutical product approvals

Almost 85% of all novel pharmaceutical products approved globally between 2004 and 2006 were small molecule pharmaceutical drugs, says new research.

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